Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Clark property

Today was a catch-up day. I worked further on the painting from yesterday and have finished it. I also took a plein air canvas from the "junk" pile and began re-working it. That one will take some time before it's done. Anyway - just looking at this piece from yesterday reminds me how much warmer it was! Yesterday did have a bit of a chill, but the sun was strong. Today - not so much!
acrylic on canvas / 30" x 30" / n/a


Ray said...

I'm sitting beside a pool in Austin TX. It's Fahrenheit here, 91 degrees. Your sky looks chilly and reminds me why we left for the winter. It's too real. If creating reality through abstract was the goal, you accomplished it! Well done, I love the colours.

Coutpon Codes said...

Beautiful painting! I love the look of the sky!