Sunday, October 4, 2009

Old Growth Cedar

For those readers new to my blog, Sunday's I take the day off and post a painting previously done. Today I am posting a triptych of an old-growth cedar. I was in love with this tree! It was in a cedar grove on a private property in Dundas. The texture and rhythm of the bark was fantastic. Ideally, it is meant to hang vertically, to form one awesome, majestic tree. It needs a home with a tall wall. Tomorrow, back to Hogwarts : )
3 canvasses, framed, 24" x 30" each. When assembled vertically, the piece measures 24" x 7'6"


Neodad said...

I really, really, really like this series Kim. And again, as I'm not an artist, I can't give you an educated reason why. Warmth? Starkness against warmth? Angles? Organized confusion of the branches? I'm sure it's a combination of it all, but I love it.

Carol said...

This is beautiful and love the triptych to capture its size.