Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jacksonville - Day 1

Finally... a Florida posting! First (indulge me) I am posting a picture of the spanish moss hanging from the trees. Really very cool. Something I'd read about but had never seen. And it looks great as Halloween approaches : )
Secondly, this Carol Marine workshop has been wonderful and I have learned a LOT! Over the next number of months I will be revamping things, as I've learned a lot about how I want to move forward. Anyway, we've done a number of value studies in monochrome and colour. They may not look like much but have been great learning tools. Here are some pieces done on Day 1.


Ray said...

Cooh'l I love that Bosc? pear. And the style you're using the on that fruit makes it come alive.

I'm so happy that you're enjoying Jacksonville. They say that it's the oldest city in the US started by Europeans.

Santa Fe NM, while older, was also settled by Europeans. It was originally a Mexican territory so I guess that doesn 't count as "made in America". But I'm rambling ... It could be the site of your next workshop, Georgia Keefe and all.

Good on ya' Kim. And who's aching to see who more? You or the kids? ... Oh, and I guess you should mix SILH into the equation too.


Kim Rempel said...

I was also told today that Jacksonville was the largest city (in area) in the country!