Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jacksonville - Day 3

Another great day of painting with Carol Marine. The top piece, strawberries falling out of the mug, was my favourite painting from the workshop. This painting was created by doing one brush stroke, followed by another colour from the palette, and then the next brush stroke. You were never to brush more than once without putting new paint on your brush. The idea was to make deliberate strokes, thinking about value and colour with each laying down of the paint. It really did help you focus by thinking very carefully about comparisons of value and colour.


Shelly Sargent said...

I am loving the stuff from the workshop, Kim...

And I want to do some of the exercises too! That pear "POPS"!

Anonymous said...

looooooove the strawberries!! you're so lucky to have taken this workshop!

Art by Katalin said...

hey Kim!you seem like learning a lot on this workshop. i wish i could be there :)
i love your new works! your style improved so much and just got better and the brush strokes!!
the pear is my favourite so far ;)

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

You've certainly incorporated her brushwork. As she'd say, "a buck a stroke".
I can see it in your subsequent paintings too. You're using beautiful temperature and color shifts as well.