Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Avon Santa and a little buddy

Does anyone remember these old Avon perfume bottles? I don't know - maybe they still exist. I painted this one along with a tiny little wooden carving. It looks like a stacking doll but is a solid piece. The Avon bottle stands 3 1/2" high, the figure to the left, 1 3/4".
Notes from the collector: The Avon bottle is one of my satisfying finds. I feel that complete collections should depict all that is good about their subject matter. They should show an historical progression and development of the subject. And a part of that evolution is to represent what Father Christmas has endured throughout his history.
Like God, people have tried to put their face on him and to interpret him to their benefit and to commercialize the God of all good elves. I recall the Avon Santa of my youth sitting on a dressing table. Avon wasn't too far behind Coca Cola. Definitely one of the early interlopers.
6" x 6" / oil on canvas / $65

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