Sunday, November 22, 2009

Superstar Santa (interactive quiz)

On Sundays I take the day off and post something from my website. For the next several weeks I will be posting paintings I did a few years back on a St. Nicholas series. I imagined how modern masters would have painted St. Nicholas had they been commissioned to paint his portrait. When I show these I run it as an interactive exhibit. I have a list of the titles (which hold a clue) and people are invited to guess which famous artist inspired the piece. So we'll have a little fun with it. I'll start off with a nice easy one. Send me your guesses! Answer will be posted next Sunday.
acrylic, collage on canvas / 36" x 36"


Unknown said...

Well I am not an art expert, but I would like to take a crack at this one. Is it Andy Warhol?

Art by Katalin said...

what a great idea Kim! :)
and this one is easily recognizable ...Andy Warhol?..and I still don't know how you painted this...but you did an awesome job!