Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nick at Auvers (interactive quiz)

St. Nicholas Painting Quiz #2 (a Sunday thing for the month of December). So can you guess which artist inspired this piece?
Note to new readers: this painting is taken from a series I did imagining how various modern masters would have portrayed St. Nick had they been commissioned to paint his portrait (the titles hold a clue).
And yes, last week's answer was Andy Warhol. This one is fairly easy too I think. They'll get harder from here on in. Send in your answers!


Art by Katalin said...

very recognizable brush strokes! Van Gogh?
beautifully done!

Neodad said...

I got it, but I cheated. Love the internet. I think this is a great idea Kim! Even though I cheat, I'm learning something and that is always good. Looking forward to the rest of the series.