Saturday, April 24, 2010

Grape hyacinths - SOLD

This is the finished piece from Wednesday. I was always curious and enchanted about these flowers when I was a kid - to my eyes, really looking like a bunch of grapes.
I liked my initial painting from Wednesday and almost wanted to leave it unfinished like that. I have a problem that way : ) Often, I lay in the quick underpainting and am afraid to further develop the piece because I fear it will lose it's quick energy. Does anyone else suffer from this affliction?
6" x 6" / oil on archival panel / $75


LindaHunt said...

This is a pretty little painting with a fresh feeling to the color!

Crystal Cook said...

Oh yes I totally suffer from that affliction! Panic grips me and I think 'I know I'm going to kill it, the poor little thing' :)

Really beautiful painting, I don't think it lost any of it's energy. I love it! It feels like spring!

Unknown said...

Feel that way just about every painting. But I plunge ahead and pray that I don't go to far. I think you hit the right note on this painting. Nice job.

Shirley Marshall said...

A beautiful and fresh painting with a very pleasing colour combination.... I did experience a halt with a painting once - and yes, I liked it in the unfinished state.... but 2 years on, came back to it - changed the colouring, and now it is probably my favourite piece ... and have always kept it on the wall.

Linda Popple said...

So happy that you decided to complete it. It is beautiful and I think it still has that energy you feared would be lost. Beautifully done!

Leia Brown said...

Very well done! I know what you mean about the underpainting. Sometimes it can be so hard for me to complete a painting if I'm happy with the underpainting. I love the way the purples stand out from the light background color. Nice edges too.