Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The same sprig from yesterday. Fought with the background on this one. Fear I was making meaningless strokes - if anyone has some advice for me on this - I'm open! I am however, pleased with the blossoms.
6" x 6" / oil on archival panel / $75


Dana Cooper said...

Lovely brushwork Kim! The flowers are wonderful and the thick paint in the light reads really well.

shelly said...

I wonder if you'd shifted the light source a bit - would it have made a difference?


Crystal Cook said...

I love this! You have made that sprig look graceful and fluid! Those blossoms are lovely, they look perfect to me :)

And I don't see a problem with your background, I like it. I guess that doesn't answer your question though does it? Backgrounds give me so much trouble sometimes!

Ralph said...

It looks good to me Kim like all the rest here I think the blooms look marvellous. You did ask so it is a small thought but I think the white strokes might be softer and then you could extend the shadows very very slightly. But tha tis me looking to try and see what you did not like my intial look was that you had pulled it off again.

Catherine Jeffrey said...

I know what you mean about meaningless strokes. I overwork my paintings all the time, when I could have left the simpler brushwork. The blue background and shadow work well here. And the blossoms are lovely. I agree with Ralph that the white could be softer. White is so "cooling" and I wonder if it takes away from the wonderful pale yellow/blue of the surface.