Sunday, April 25, 2010

Open sky - SOLD

Note: Sunday's I take the day off and post a larger painting from my website.
This is a painting I did a few years back. There had just been a terrific spring rainstorm and the sky was just moving! I had to work fast to catch the impression. It's exhilarating painting in such dramatic weather. Sometimes when paintings sell you know nothing about the buyer or where they go. Other times you do find out a bit - I always like that. This one sold from a gallery and I was told the couple that came in bought it as an anniversary gift for an older couple "who had everything". I thought it was brave and lovely that these guys took a chance on such a personal gift!
p.s. tune in tomorrow for a special announcement!


Linda Popple said...

Beautiful painting, Kim! Your brush strokes have a lot of energy, especially in the sky. Love the clouds and the trees which are just budding.

Looking forward to your announcement tomorrow!


As you know Kim, I love clouds, so partial to all cloud paintings!
You really captured the movement - nice!

Ralph said...

Nice story about this painting Kim. It is indeed I always worry when somebody buys a paintign for somebody else. What if they do not like it?. Thanks for your email Kim much appreciated.

Kerri Settle said...

You absolutely captured that feeling of movement in the clouds. Very energetic throughout, and the downward movement from the sky draws the viewer right to that hill of trees. (I admittedly keep trying to click to make it bigger so I can see the juicy details in the tree line. I love how open and "individual" each feels in the thumbnail.)

Crystal Cook said...

I love that sky!!! it is a beautiful painting Kim. You have a lot of expression in your work, which I really love :)

And how fun to find out who bought it!