Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Bottles" by Kim Rempel

So I'm playing with colour and shape. Trying to understand glass at another level. It is challenging. When you begin examining the glass you see hundreds of colours and tonal shifts in the reflections. I do squint, and block in the larger masses and then try to add the variances within the masses. A year ago glass terrified me but now I want to paint it over and over to get to a certain comfort level. And painting babies scares me My blogging friend Crystal Cook wrote about it very well : ) So what subject matter freaks you out? Are you ready to tackle it?
Let me know!
6"x6" / oil on masonite / $75


martinealison said...

Belle harmonie de couleurs pour ces bouteilles... je veux bien un verre de vin!

Virginia Floyd said...

I am loving your "bottle" series. Great composition, great color choices, beautiful paintings! Makes me want to paint bottles.

My most difficult subject matter is anything with ellipses! It doesn't matter if my apples or lemons are a little lumpy, but it matters with a plate or cup!

Crystal Cook said...

I can't believe that glass used to terrify you! Because the way you paint glass is SO BEAUTIFUL!! I've never seen anyone paint glass that makes me FEEL so much other than you. You are a master of it. These bottles are stunning!

And thanks for the shout out my good blogger buddy :)

Kim Rempel said...

I hear ya Virginia! Painted ellipses are a nightmare for me too!

Kim Rempel said...

Merci beaucoup Martine!
And Crystal - thanks - but I've got a LOT of work to do on them : ) (you're so sweet though)

Art by Katalin said...

I think practice paid off and you've mastered the art of painting glass! :) Your bottles always look amazing..I especially like the green tones you achieve!
And subject matter that freaks me out...definitely glass :)(I won't even try it) painting portraits always makes me nervous.

I'm glad to see you at the show this year! :)
Cheers ;)

Shirley Marshall said...

A fabulous painting Kim.
One thing I could never face drawing - cattle !

Kerri Settle said...

I always enjoy your glass paintings, they read so well to me.

Personally I'm afraid of figures and portraits in general. In landscapes I can change proportions of objects without it being a big deal, but portraits don't work that way! Some day inspiration will hit me and I'll go there.

Marie Theron said...

That reminds me: I must do some glass again. Your textures and reflections are very convincing, Kim!