Friday, September 3, 2010

"Side by side" by Kim Rempel, SOLD

More studying of glass. The bottle in the foreground is from The Good Earth - a LOVELY local place to eat. It's an outdoor restaurant for now, so will be closing before too long. The other is a bottle of Solaz. There is SO much to learn (yes, about wine, but I'm talking about painting :)
6"x8" / oil on panel / $75


Denise SCARAMAI said...

Kim, this screen is amazing!
I love to see the brush strokes ... and is glad because of these wonderful colors, the texture of the glass and the composition!
very very nice;)
a hug!!!

Anonymous said...

Green glass, you go girlfriend! Well done! I am enjoying your bottles.


Love your suggestion of the labels Kim. Coordination is great between the red foil top of the right bottle with the stripes on the 2 labels. Balances the whole image.

Are you drinking these props? If you need help, I'll race over - need something to wash down those donuts!

martinealison said...

Hi Kim, J'aime ces bouteilles... je me joins à Susan pour trinquer ensemble ! Quelle sorte de vin préférez-vous peindre en bouteille ? Le blanc, le rouge ou le rosé ? Bisous

Virginia Floyd said...

I agree with Susan. I was admiring the subtle way you handled the labels. Very nice painting. Again!

Kim Rempel said...

Thank you! I feel I'm still struggling. And I have help with the props : )
Merci Martine! Mes bouteilles sont toujours vides! :)

Crystal Cook said...

Your work is just beautiful. Every single thing you do is amazing. Just sayin'. Feel the struggle no more!! :):):)