Wednesday, March 9, 2011

International Women Celebrate at AyrSpace

The opening gala. Donna Kaminski and Tammy Watt flew in from Calgary. It's funny how you can spend just a few hours with people but know they are kindred spirits ; ) I met and renewed friendships with lots of the artists over the weekend. It was a pleasure hangin' out with y'all (look, I'm already talking like an Albertan : ).
It was a full house!
The Honourable Sheila Copps addressed the crowd. She did a great job!

So, the show was packed and very much a success. For those of you who submitted work but weren't able to be there, let me tell you that the comments were wonderful and the art looks fantastic. It is a real pleasure to mill around and take it all in. And if you like, you can always order a book showcasing all the works and the artist's stories. It is a lovely keepsake. Thanks AyrSpace (Jill Yuzwa) and to everyone involved.


Catherine Jeffrey said...

What a great show. Lots of participation, great people...congratulations!

LisaKDA said...

Hi Kim!
Glad it was such a success, wish I didn't have to pass on such a great opportunity, but worked out for the best in the end anyway. congrats again, great job!

Anonymous said...

Kim, looks like a great show...and is that Kelley McDonald's painting in the background there...that sold! yay for everyone!

Celeste Bergin said...

looks like a top notch event!

Denise SCARAMAI said...

come the big day of the exhibition!
and is beautiful! this wall is covered with beautiful paintings!
a big hug!

Kim Rempel said...

Thanks! It's a really good show. And YES! That is Kelley McDonald's *sold* piece. Yay!

Virginia Floyd said...

Albertans say y'all? Is that southern Canada?

The gala looks terrific. What fun!