Thursday, June 9, 2011

2nd Year Blogiversary! (+2 random winners!)

Okay, this is weird! I saved this post for tonight because I thought I began my blog June 9th 2009 but upon double-checking I realized I began the 8th - as in yesterday would have been two years! So, there you go...the marking is a day off. Anyway, Eat Drink Paint is now 2 years old! 
To mark this occasion I am giving away *TWO* paintings - yep, one for each year - to two random followers (thanks honey for suggesting that). I absolutely love painting, and I really love my blog, but it just wouldn't be any fun without *you*. It's your comments and encouragement that keep me going. And since many of you are artists yourselves I have the extra pleasure of sifting through all this vibrant work and learning how you solve problems/view the world. It's very nourishing ; )
So, adding up all my "followers" + my feed burner subscribers + my Eat Drink Paint FB peeps and my Networked Blog followers ...and with help from, the two winners are:
D. Capizzano from Ancaster, ON 
D. & K. Breukelman from Grimsby, ON!
You can email me with the title of a daily painting of your choosing and I will send it out to you!
Thanks again everyone!


daybe said...

Well congratulations to the winners of course, but also congrats goes to you as well Kim, Just looking through you posts over the last 2 years, you should be very proud of your work and the progress you have achieved in that time.


Nancy B. Hartley said...

What a lovely post! Beautiful painting, and beautiful message! Congrats to you, and your inspiring blog! I've always enjoyed seeing what you are up to! Thank you for sharing all of this, with all of us, and best wishes for many more inspiring posts!

Sandra Busby said...

How wonderful! Congratulations to the winners! And I love your blog - but it makes me so HUNGRY!!! lol!

GAIL said...

Congratulations Kim! A job well done is to be celebrated.
Love this cupcake

Fay Terry said...

Congratulations, Kim. I am really enjoying your blog which I discovered through my friend Patti who sent in a painting of a mundane item.
Very generous of you to give away two paintings and I am sure the winners are quite thrilled.

JanettMarie said...

Congratulations Kim!
Wow, two years, time flies when you're having fun!
I love the painting of yours I own, love, love, love it!
: )

Patti Vincent said...

Happy Anniversary with a cherry on top! Thanks for sharing all your great fun art and being an inspiration. Keep it coming, please!

Art by Katalin said...

Happy 2nd Anniversary Kim! Look how much you've achieved in the past 2 years! Congrats to that!
Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring blog! Cheers! :)

Nancy Laliberte said...

Great job, Kim! Congratulations! Let the paint and creativity continue to flow!