Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Two pieces back from the framers - Japan

These are some pieces I did in March in response to the disaster in Japan. The news and subsequent footage was devastating and I began painting. My heart just went out to the country and its people. The pieces are shown in the order I painted them. I've linked each of them to the larger originals I first posted. The first series of paintings are: Fracture and flood, Night shock, and Aftermath
The second piece I left untitled. I've left it to the viewer to interpret as they will. The images can be seen closer here, here, and here.
These 6"x6" archival panels are mounted on a piece of laminated mat board with hooks on the back for hanging. From the bottom image it looks as if the hook is at a fixed 90˚. It isn't. They are the swinging hooks but they fell that way when I was photographing them. Each of these two pieces are priced at $300 and I will donate $50 from each to a charity helping the effort in Japan of the purchasers choice.


Unknown said...

These are Gorgeous pieces going to a worthy cause and my hat is off to you for making such a generous contribution.

Katie said...

The framing looks great! Awesome :)

Virginia Floyd said...

Both of these are awesome, Kim! They look great in the frames!

Mikko Tyllinen said...

looks very beautiful Kim! Wonderful art!