Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Paint sketch

This is a paint "sketch". The other day I drove around for a while looking for a spot to paint, set-up and 20 mintues in it began to rain. Love it when that happens ; ) So I made a few hurried marks to kind of finish off the sketch and went for cover. Looking at it with fresh eyes I see the green strip in the field too closely mimics the direction of the cloud streak, and I didn't choose the best spot for my horizon line. But, it is what it is. You learn a lot from the pieces you don't like, eh?
On another note I just wanted to mention how sad I felt to hear of Steve Jobs' passing. He had a creative, razor sharp, beautiful mind. I've worked on Apple computers since the 80s and am a diehard fan. What a vision. Rest in Peace.


Celeste Bergin said...

Van-Gogh-y! I like it.

Feel the same about Steve Jobs. I've never worked on anything but Macintosh either. He was ammmmazzing. :( !

martinealison said...

Une belle palette de couleurs... Gros bisous

Crystal Cook said...

It's beautiful Kim. I love the fresh feel it has. And it's so inspiring to see you trying something new just because you want to. I love that.

And it is sad about Steve. :(

Margaret M. Lin said...

Beautiful painting. I love the colors. If anything, I like the fact that the the green strip follows the direction of the clouds :-).

Barbara Muir said...

I agree with diffident.bother, I like the fact that the field stripe mimics the clouds.

Yes I am a big Mac fan too. I've never owned anything else, and these babies just get better and better.

XO Barbara