Monday, February 6, 2012

Custard horn - SOLD

Picked this up at the bakery. Good thing I don't feel like eating my props after I've painted them. That could lead to lots of trouble : )
6" x 6" / acrylic on archival panel / $100 (includes free shipping worldwide)


Linda Schweitzer said...

Makes me want to lick the sugar off! Well done!

Barbara Muir said...


This is a fantastic painting and made me very hungry. I can almost smell it as if it's fresh from the oven.


XO Barbara

Virginia Floyd said...

Yum! That sugar is fantastic!

Violetta Smith said...

Can I eat it? Looks delicious.

Sandra Busby said...

Whilst in London the other day, I came across the most beautiful bakery. In the window was a display of the most pretty and tasty looking cakes and pastries I had ever seen. The whole scene was a work of art in itself. I thought of you when I saw it! I love your food paintings. But - they always make me hungry!

Susan Roux said...

Oh... The things one could say about this painting!

Brenda L. Murray said...

Nicely done! Inspired by Parisian patisseries?

Miss you at Laurie's studio. We painted en plein aire yesterday! My first time! It was a gorgeous day. Sunny and almost warm. We painted by a river and to my surprise I spotted a huge carp just inches from shore! It was about 18 inches long! Huge! He was sunning himself I think. My painting was pretty pathetic but I learned a lot.

Darel said...

your works are amazing. :)