Monday, July 9, 2012

Detail, work in progress + New Art Blog

Detail, work in progress. 
What you're seeing is about half of another rock painting I've started. I will keep you posted : )
Also, two of my children have decided to start their own blog to document their work. Their names are Cole and Riley. I posted Riley's first painting of the summer (Abstract Temple) here.
Today we talked about Fauvism and looked at paintings from this period. Then they completed these works. If you'd like to follow their progress and read about things in their own words, you can go to their blog and follow along. You'll find it here. Thanks!
 Sky's on Fire / 11"x14" / acrylic on canvas / Cole
Fauvism Shimmer / 11"x14" / acrylic on canvas / Riley


martinealison said...

Deux très jolies oeuvres... je pense que la relève est assurée!...
Le fauvisme est une période que j'affectionne particulièrement. c'est aussi une des raison pour laquelle j'ai prénommé ma fille Fauve.

Gros bisous.

Crystal Cook said...

Kim your rocks are looking awesome. Now I"m off to Cole and Ry's blog. :))