Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rocks No.4 (taking a leap)

This one was totally out of my comfort zone. Have you done that? Where you strip away all your comforts and work under new parameters? It feels like you're free-falling. A couple of times I found myself starting to paint more like the way I would normally go about things so I stopped and reminded myself what I was doing - and to continue in that vein, not worrying whether there'd be a respectable outcome. Because of that this piece means the most to me so far. For starters I used a round brush (gasp). Never have done And while I painted over a previous landscape (that was mainly greens and blues), I basically used 3 colours: titanium white, hansa yellow and carbon black. Black is never in my palette. Usually for my darkest darks I use a mix of anthraquinone blue and alizarin crimson. But here it is: black! I really thought about brush strokes and texture in a new way - feeling it as opposed to thinking it. And I just kind of let go as far as the sky was concerned.
12" x 12" / acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas / $200

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Barbara Muir said...

There's something very Emily Carr about this, although it's totally original to you. I mean it has that power. The rocks seem very wet. Like it a lot. I love how you push yourself and it always works out.
You are an inspiration.

XO Barbara