Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rock Series No.2

6"x8" / acrylic on stretched canvas / $120
I'm feeling the need to stretch and experiment with my landscape painting. I received my David Alexander book "The Shape of Place" and it has me really wanting to push forward. I am going to do a series based on a plein air painting I did a number of years ago in Sedona (below). I want to try different palettes, various brush techniques etc... and see how it feels to incorporate new ways of thinking. I'm working from a previous painting because I liked the structure of it and felt there was ample room to experiment. Now, this is nothing compared to how it will be when I go outdoors and paint but it definitely will help with freeing my mind and habits. p.s. my website is back up and running. If you haven't checked it out lately, please feel free to take a look. All work is now sized and priced!
18"x24" / acrylic on canvas


martinealison said...

J'aime la ténacité avec laquelle vous travaillez et évoluez... merveilleux.
Vos nuances de couleurs sont magnifiques.

Gros bisous.

Sandra Busby said...

Wow, these are amazing!
And you usually use oils don't you? What made you use acrylics for these?

Kim Rempel said...

Hi Sandra,
For outdoor plein air work I always use acrylics. So even though this piece waas small and I ws working inside, I think my mind just went to acrylics! Funny how that works.

Kim Rempel said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Kim! Very cool direction you're going in. I, too, feel like I'm channeling your intention about stretching and experimenting. I had no idea about David Alexander and his work! Thank you for sharing the link. Now I have to find a way to tell my hubby I've got a new crush... ;)

Barbara Muir said...

Love this.
XO Barbara

mary maxam said...

I am loving all your rocks! The shapes and brushwork that are so expressive!