Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowscape WIP

We've been getting a lot of snow...it's beautiful. They're calling for a real whopper of a storm beginning tonight. Anyway, here's a scene of what it looks like now. I was playing with a bit of abstraction and rhythms. In retrospect, I think the coloured strip along the bottom should come out. It's representing the road but I feel the piece would be stronger and more cohesive with the snow coming right to the bottom. I may re-work this one a bit.
6" x 6" / oil on panel / $75
*note* I just painted the bottom out. I will re-post it in the morning when it is light enough to photograph it properly.


Tina Concetta Revie said...

I love it! I would leave the sidewalk in. It has a lovely abstract quality to it. The strip is similar to your painting with the carnation.

Rachel said...

I love the texture in this piece. Great abstract.

Kim Rempel said...

Thanks! NAd thanks Tina - very observant! But I just painted it out! lol Will re-post in the morning.

Linda Popple said...

Really beautiful and I do like the abstract quality of your painting and the texture add to it.

Sandra Busby said...

Yes - Your approching storm (along with the one in Australia) is being widely reported, on the news here in the UK too!
Lets hope it goes as quickly as it comes and doesn't do any damage!
I enjoyed the painting :0)