Monday, October 25, 2010

Celebrating International Artists Day

Nicolette, Kim Rempel

Danae, Gustav Klimt

Snow Clouds, Frank Carmichael, Group of Seven

Kneeling female in orange-red dress, Egon Schiele

Frau mit totem Kind, Kathe Kollwitz

Widows and orphans, Kathe Kollwitz

One blog I belong to (Daily Painters International Art Gallery) requested a special entry to celebrate International Artists Day so I posted a piece I did a few years back, "Nicolette", inspired by the work of Gustav Klimt. I have so many artists who take my breath away, and favourite pictures that move my soul that I thought I would take this opportunity to share a tiny sampling. Above is Klimt's glorious "Danae" and I found an absolutely lovely, elegant slide show of the artist and his works here. It REALLY is worth a look. The reproductions fairly shimmer. I had the good fortune to see his work in person at an exhibit in Ottawa But then again there is also the strong, fabulous Group of Seven, Egon Schiele, Kathe Kollwitz (man could she draw - and bring me to tears), and the list goes on... I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures. What are your favourites?


Denise SCARAMAI said...

great "Nicolette" !!
amazing, congrats Kim!
I loved....

Rosali Alves - Desenhista said...

não tinha visto o egon schiele, nem o guistave klimt, mas ia dizer que seu desenho remete muito a este artistas! Bravo! Adorei!

Dhiraj Deka (D.D) said...

All the paintings are amazing!! Thank you for sharing.