Sunday, November 27, 2011

ARTLOVE: Katalin

He's stealin' my heart / 12"x12"
 Give us peace
 Stars in her eyes
 Secret whispers
Winter song / watercolour / 5"x7"
Well, the market went well! A huge thanks to my family and friends who came out, kept me company, brought me drinks etc... It's so nice to have good friends, yes? (heart)
One of the artists at the market was my friend Katalin. She came to Canada from Hungary in 2000 and I met her a few years later. I really love her work. It has an old-world charm that and her pieces have so much character. LOVE. She has a blog that she posts to when she can but she's pretty busy right now.  Aside from her painting, she works full time, has children, and is expecting!! (yay!)I thought I'd post some of her work here and I invite you to check out/follow her blog to see more of what she does. Gorgeous work Katalin!


Sandra Busby said...

Yes - so gorgeous and unique too :0D

Karen Black said...

I love the whimsy of her work, Kim! My favourite is the mouse with the cat on a leash "taming the beast" - so clever!!

Art by Katalin said...

Ahhh Kim! Thank you so much!! It was so wonderful to see you again at the market and it's always a treat to see your work up close! Those tiny little paintings with the tiny little easels were so cute! :)
I adore all your pieces and I especially like the way you paint trees! You are so inspiring not only as an artist but as a person! I feel blessed to get to meet you and your family!
And I have to thank YOU for starting up my own blog! Without your encouragement probably I would have never done it! :) Thanks! You rock!

Kim Rempel said...

((Hugs)) back Katalin! I really do love the way you see things - and translate them to paint. Original, fresh, lovely : )