Saturday, November 12, 2011

Up and away

I actually did another 6"x6" today but by the time I got home it was too dark to photograph it. So after months of needing a real break from painting small, it seems I'm able to enjoy it again. Maybe I was just a bit burned out.
Anyway, I decided to pull another one from the vault. This is a larger acrylic - 24"x30" - that I did a few years back. Sometimes you tuck things away and don't look at them for a while and then it's a pleasant surprise to make their acquaintance again. That's how I feel about this tree ; )


Rachel said...

I love the colors in this one. So bright and inviting.

JanettMarie said...

24"x30" That is huge compared to 6"x6". Do you remember? Did you use bigger brushes?
Nice painting, love this point of view.

Susan Roden said...

I think it's refreshing to see older paintings which seems to give creedence to the artists struggle. And love yours Kim! I was in Santa Fe last week and saw another artists arial tree paintings. Fun!

Sandra Busby said...

I think it's lovely too! And yes, it is nice to come across old work and really like it when perhaps we were unsure at the time. There is such a lovely variety on your blog, I couldn't possibly bore! :0)

suzanneberry said...

this is really amazing, i love the perspective and the palette! beautiful! it's great to have a new perspective on work that one hasn't seen in a while isn't it?

Barbara Muir said...

Yes it's a goodie Kim.

Love the bright blue with the green and warm trunk colour.

XO Barbara