Thursday, November 3, 2011

Still in progress

So this is how it's currently looking. I've resolved the issues I was having on the left by adding a tree figurine and extending the branches. Next comes re-working the background (again) and fixing up a few things on the cupboard. Liking it though! I worked and re-worked the problem as I was falling asleep the past couple of nights. It seems to be the best time for me to figure out art problems!


E Makes Art said...

Hi! Your art is amazing! I love seeing your process.


LindaHunt said...

I am really enjoying these larger works!

Sandra Busby said...

Oh so I am not the only one who paints in her sleep then? I am often resolving problems in my head whilst 'sleeping'!
I LOVE these paintings of yours. They are so unique to you! Brilliant, vibrant, clever! :0)

Brenda L Murray said...

I finally made it to your blog! Yeah!

The painting looks great, Kim! Love the lighter orange background and branch--great way to resolve those problems. See you Monday