Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mini originals

Today I worked on more mini paintings for the HandMade Christmas Market, November 26th+27th at The Good Earth. Above are "Bust II", "Hansa Yellow" and "Linseed Oil". These are about 2.25"x3.5". I found a few mini easles that look so cool with them! They can also be hung on the wall or used as fridge magnets. These three are acrylic.


Victoria Arnott said...

Wow Kim, these little paintings are awesome!

It was actually one of your little paintings that originally inspired me to look at your blog and then I became a fan of your work.

I look forward to seeing these little paintings in real life at the Hand Made Christmas Market. :)

Anonymous said...

Kim..such a great idea for the holiday gift season. Yaye Kim!

mary maxam said...

What a good idea and so creative! I love your recent florals also. The violets are deeevine!

Dayna Talbot said...

What little gems...they are lovely!