Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pot, wine and mango - SOLD

Okay! So I did what I talked about yesterday - worked on basically the same set-up but with the brush after doing the palette knife. And I really like it!
Last week when I picked up the knife and got some paintings that I really loved, I thought I had solved the problem of not getting too fussy. But then there were a couple that I did after that (that I did not post) that blew that all to heck! On the flip side, I have had great days with the brush and then days that I left my studio completely annoyed! So I guess it boils down to: it's a matter of concentration, focus, skill-building, and a little bit of magic ; )
6" x 6" / oil on panel / $75


Carol Schiff Daily Painting said...

This is great. Kim. I love the strong color and the chunkyness of your shapes. I cannot believe you have trouble with fussing, your paintings are always to strong.

martinealison said...

Kim j'aime beaucoup le fond qui contraste parfaitement bien avec votre composition qui est superbement bien réalisée. Votre bouteille et les casseroles tournent bien... je la préfère à la précédente qui était très bonne aussi... Double succès. Il est bon parfois d'être irritée ou de se heurter à un obstacle. On sen relève généralement vainqueur.

Tammy Hext said...

LOve this one Kim - but the palette knife paintings are my favorites (you know me, cannot get the paint thick enough)

daybe said...

Nice work Kim, the palette knife painting is great but I like the bold colors with your second attempt, overall the brush painting has a lot more contrast which really makes the highlights pop at least for me. Keep it up, I enjoy visiting and seeing what you are up to.

I read your post about the pear and I had to laugh, when this happens to me, I tend to keep those paintings close by as a reminder, but it still looks great to me.


beckielboo said...

Kim, again - I LOVE them both! But I'm in for the palette knife version - who would've thought?

I am so intrigued by your comparisons - keep it up! It's a YEAH! All the Way!

Catherine Jeffrey said...

This is great Kim. So bold, to the point, almost abstract. Love it. One would think that "loosening up" wouldn't be so difficult! My hubby (my best critic) says that he is going to give me a house painting brush, put a patch over one eye, and tie my right hand behind my back. Haven't tried it yet, it might work! In the mean time, I work at getting looser but often end up singing the song "Do the Tighten Up" by Archie Bell and the Drells (I believe).

Dewberry Fine Art said...

Nicely done and nicely said.

Sandra Busby said...

It's so interesting to compare the two! This is hard to call - I think I prefer this one slightly, though I also think the first one is fantastic. I think I like this one more because the colours look slightly more vibrant :0)

Neodad said...

Okay, that title sounded like a really cool Saturday night . . . but the painting's nice too! :)