Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sweater tree - SOLD

I just got home from the HandMade Christmas Market (video here) and it was a roaring success! Thanks so much to Jennifer and Mark Elliotson for running such a great show and to Nicolette at the Good Earth Food and Wine Co. for being such an outstanding and generous host. I also had the pleasure of meeting fellow blogger/wonderful artist Catherine Jeffrey who popped in to say hello. It was a wonderful weekend seeing lots of friends, sipping hot cider, wine and eating soup, roasted chestnuts and cookies. And if you're one of the new readers to the blog or customers that I met this weekend, thanks for stopping by!
Since I knew I was going to be at the market all weekend I did an extra painting on Friday so I would have something to post today. This is a sweater tree my husband and I stumbled across in Corning, New York when we were camping this fall. It was the coolest thing! Perfect for a tree-hugger at heart : ) If you're not familiar with sweater trees, they are real trees that some spirited knitters have taken a kinship to and knit sweaters for! You can do an online search and more samples will pop up. This was the first one I had ever seen in real life and it was outside a wool shop ; ) LOVED it.
6" x 6" / oil on panel / $75


Denise SCARAMAI said...

ah ... how beautiful!
that wonderful light!
conveys a delightful mood! ;))

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Kim!.... An interesting Tree story!All trees should be treated so graciously!

They're all ready for winter here... snow covered!And "I" love it!!!

Glad that your show went well!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

Ollie said...

love the sweater tree
...oh and your work too :)

Leovi said...

Beautiful colors and effective strokes

claire christinel said...

Love the idea of the sweater tree since I'm from Vancouver Island! Funny I've never seen one before. Your Market sounds like a lot of fun, and I hope it was a success. I like this new subject matter and the extra texture. Looks great!

Shirley Marshall said...

Hi Kim ... LOVE the happy 'sweater tree' ! :)