Friday, October 1, 2010


Whoa. This was a tough one. It really had me struggling. The hues were difficult to discern and it was frustrating. There was a lot to figure out (the harmonica to the right was metal on plexiglass, the other two traditional models). The colours were odd when I tried to pin them down - not silver, not gold, not brass....just a mix of reflective metallic tones. I'm going to have to study this subject again and again to get a better handle on it.
6" x 6" / oil on panel / $75


Shirley Marshall said...

I'm amazed at your tenacity with such a difficult subject Kim. I think you've done a wonderful job.

Denise SCARAMAI said...

Kim, I am loving this series of instruments!
alive with music .... I majored in piano, I studied from 7 to 17 years
you gave me the idea of designing my piano ... who knows?
so beautiful this bagpipes! congrats!

martinealison said...

Un doux air de musique pourrait sortir de votre toile... Vous nous enchantez... Bises

Gwen Bell said...

Love this entire musical series. I feel your pain on tackling these harmonicas...all those little air squares...but you did a great job!