Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cookies - SOLD

A plate of cookies from my weekend's purchase. The chocolate cookies shaped like a pretzel were delectable: chocolate goodness with a hint of spice. Yum.
6" x 6" / oil on panel / $75


Kathy Cousart said...

I find myself visiting your blog for a sweet tooth fix- This is delicious!
The red plate sets off the chocolate just right. I think you should open a side business for goodies like this and the pink marshmallows! Ha!

Ray said...

Susan Roden beware, I see a possible new strategy emerging in the Donut Wars. Kim may be opening up a whole new front.

Which has more caloric enhancement power, the donut or the cookie? In each battalion the weapon of choice is camouflaged by mouth watering colors, shapes and even aromas as they develop on the respective easels.

I believe that the cookies excel in the skirmish with a quick English tea whitened, (read hot milk). The donuts go best with a timely, well planned cup of Joe.

Amanda Jones said...

Great piece Kim. I like the way the top cookie just cuts into the dark shape at the top. Lovely brushwork I especially like the plate and the wonderful shadow underneath.

mary maxam said...

these are so perfectly crunchy I coud taste them! love the compositions here too

Carol Schiff Daily Painting said...

Yum, my favorite things! Kim you have composed a sweet little scene here to get us all in the Christmas state of mind. Love the dark shapes and the red plate.