Monday, November 8, 2010

We need YOU! The 100 Woman Show.

This a shout-out to all my blogger friends: Would you please seriously consider helping us celebrate the centenary of International Women's Day? Yep - 100 years this March 8th! The theme to paint to is: International Women Celebrate! Jill Yuzwa of AyrSpace Gallery in Ayr, Ontario, Canada and I are putting on the 100 Woman Show to mark the occasion. So far we have representation from India, some states and provinces but are looking for MUCH more. A commemorative book is being made to showcase each artist and their work. All art is to be painted on a 24" square canvas. For further details please see our blog or the AyrSpace website. We need YOU to make our show a success. If interested in participating, please email Jill right away telling her you'd like to be counted in. Thank you so much!


JeMA said...

I put this out on my blog, facebook and twitter! I am so hoping you get representation from a variety of places. It is such a great opportunity as an artist and to give to our Haitian sisters.

Thanks for doing this!

Ralph said...

Ah I am a man can I helpif so count me in .

Denise SCARAMAI said...

very interesting!!!
I will think about...