Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mango, wine and pot

This is my beloved little pot (blue enamel, garage sale find). I paired it up with some wine and a matching mango : ). As I continue to explore the palette knife, I am finding challenges. I really see how it helps to be able to put the correct colour down the FIRST time so that you don't get too much thick paint mucking around. It would be an interesting study to do the same subject with a palette knife and then with a brush. And to see how one informs the other. I am always trying to simplify. Honestly - I find it easier said then done! Maybe tomorrow I will try this set-up with a brush and see if I can simplify further. Last time I tried painting the same subject twice, I got tighter on the second day which was kind of odd (and the opposite of what I was expecting). Take care!


Kathy Cousart said...

I like this one. Interesting composition with the favorite pot leading us in from the side of the painting. Love the colors and the palette knife chunky thick strokes make it so rich and fun. Great job!


Love your cropping Kim - you're very unique with it!
And like where you're going with the knife. Great stroking and colors.

martinealison said...

Peinture généreuse... La bouteille de vin est très belle.

Sandra Busby said...

I find comparing two paintings painted in a different way really fascinating. This is great just as it is, but I also wonder how different it would look with a brush? I am guessing tighter. We'll have to see :0)

Crystal Cook said...

It's fantastic Kim. I really love that bottle. What great color! :)