Monday, November 1, 2010

Invitation to Exhibit: Celebrating International Women's Day!

International Women Celebrate!
The 100 Woman Art Show
To my dear artistic friends/fellow bloggers:
Jill Yuzwa of AyrSpace Gallery and I are teaming up for an art exhibit celebrating the Centenary of International Women's Day. We ask that 100 visual artists present works in response to what this theme means to you!

AyrSpace will exhibit the works of 100 women from across the globe for five weeks from Tuesday March 8, 2011 to Sunday April 10, 2011.

There are three main objectives: 1) to observe the Centenary 2) to bring together an international artistic response to International Women Celebrate! 3) to contribute to a Haitian charity focusing on women and their children

We will publish a book with your stories and description of your work in response to the theme.

You can go to the new blog we have started or to the AyrSpace Gallery website for the details. We are asking for an email letter of intent to participate by November 8th so that we can begin gathering numbers. This is open to all women artists around the world. Please join us - it's really something to celebrate!!

Email to participate here!


Pam Holnback said...

Great idea!

Katie said...

This sounds fantastic! I hoep it's not too late to submit.

I found your blog from the Pelham News, and was blown away by the quality and expression in your work!

You have a new fan in me :)